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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? get the answers; how long a repair takes, what kind of parts we use, what kind of devices we work on, and the answer to many other questions. If you still have additional questions we always encourage you to ask, we want to help, contact us!

1) I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with my device. Can you still help me if I can't explain the issue?

Sure! Don’t worry about the techno-speak, we can translate! When you bring your device in for repair, we set it up in front of you and go over all of the issues we can see. This way you can describe the problems you are having with your device.

2) Do you do tutoring or training?

Yes! In fact, our technician is our trainer. We will consult prior to the appointment and create a curriculum for you or your group. We provide in-home/onsite training on a variety of topics, group rates are available, please contact us for further details.

3) Can I get an estimate before I bring it to you? 

Not necessarily, we will try to give you an estimate for the repair but in some situations, we just need to see it. Just like a mechanic needs to see a car or a doctor needs to the patient!

4) I have an older Mac should I repair it or get a new one?

This is a question we get a lot, no matter the brand of the computer; wear & tear, the frequency of use, and the cost of repair are important to consider. On top of those factors, there is the model of Mac you own. We will consult with you prior and after diagnostics to give our honest opinion. We want you to be able to make an informed decision. A Mac can last for many years and latest MacOS supports Macs as far back as 2009.

5) How long will it take to get my device repaired?

Our goal is to minimize the repair time while maintaining a high level of attention to detail and quality. Provided below is our average repair times; if a repair is expected to take longer we will communicate the details to you.

MacBooks, PCs, laptops, Macs, and desktops: Our goal is 24hrs (business hours) or less from the time we receive it. Some issues may be fixed in the same day.

iPhone / phone screen replacements: Our goal is 2 hours or less from the time we receive it. This is why we request appointments for iPhone screens, for many of us, this is our lifeline!

iPad / tablet screen replacements: Our goal is a 24hr (business hours) or less from the time we receive it. Removing the broken glass from an iPad can be a delicate situation. We do not want to rush this process and do further damage to the device.

6) Do you stock parts?

We try to keep all iPhone Screens and almost all iPhone small parts (component parts like cameras, buttons, etc.) so that your repair can be done quickly. Unfortunately, the part-cost for Android phones varies too much and are not stocked.

We stock the most common parts for Mac computers to minimize downtime, but it is hard to have every one, for every model. Should we need to order a part, we can do that ahead of time so you don’t have to leave your device with us during shipping.

7) Do I need to back up my data before bringing my device?

If possible, we recommend backing up your device before dropping it off for repair. We also recommend backing up your device anytime you perform a software update or software upgrade. Please contact us if you unable to back up and are concerned about your information.

8) What if I can’t back up my data can you help me?

Yes, in many cases we can assist in recovering your data. We have tools to perform data recovery on your Mac, Laptop, MacBook, PC, iPhone, Android, iPad and more. Please let us know before the repair as we may be able to recover your data.

9) Do you also repair PCs and Laptops?

Yes, we work with PCs, desktops, laptops, XBox, PlayStation, Wii and more. We’re experienced with various operating systems and hardware.

10) Do you service iPhones, iPads, Android tablets & phones?

We sure do! We will work with Android, Windows, and Google devices.

11) I spilt liquid on my device can you fix it?

When it comes to the MacBook we specialize in liquid damage repairs. However, every device and liquid spill is a unique situation, please contact us for consultation.

12) My device is getting hot, is that a problem?

Depends how hot. If it’s a concerning level of heat (hurts to touch for even a moment) then it could definitely be a problem. If your MacBook, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod or laptop ever shuts down randomly, it could be due to overheating depending on your laptop, it could need it’s fan replaced, or just reinstalled.

13) Do you warranty/guarantee your work?

We offer 90-day warranties on all of our standard repairs (if we have to buy custom parts, those parts may have a different warranty period). If anything goes wrong after 90 days, it’s unlikely to be due to our repair but you’re welcome to bring it by anyway. We’re usually able to help, especially if it was related to the repair we performed.

14) What kind of Mac parts do you use?

The choice is your’s, we prefer the best, genuine! Our industry experience has resulted in partnerships with reputable suppliers. We have spent extensive time tracking down suppliers for quality parts. We are able to order both new Apple genuine & OEM parts for Mac computers. However, the costs for new genuine Apple parts are often 3 times that of the OEM parts.

15) What kind of iPhone / iPad parts do you use?

The best available! Often ask if we buy OEM parts or if we buy parts from Apple, etc. Apple does not sell iPhone / iPad / iPod parts, but the same factories Apple uses often manufacture the parts we buy. Our industry experience has resulted in partnerships with reputable suppliers, which allow us to provide quality parts. Contact us if you further questions.

16) What is difference between your generic and OEM iPhone screens?

Depending on your needs we offer you a choice between 3rd party generic screens or OEM screens.  Generic screens are cheaper then OEM, including quality.

Generic Screens: The LCD, glass lens (Digitizer) and Flex cables are all aftermarket parts. These screens are cheaper, less durable, and less vivid than the OEM screens. Generic screens are manufactured by 3rd party companies, which results in the loss of quality.

OEM Screens: The LCD, glass lens (Digitizer) and Flex cables are original parts from Apple. The screens are more durable than the generic screens – the Flex cables are stronger than the generic screens and the colour of the OEM screens are more vivid. We recommend this part for all iPhone repairs.

17) What do you mean genuine Apple parts? Isn't that what OEM is?

Ok, technically there are 3 classifications of parts in the world of Apple product repairs.

Genuine Apple:  These are the same parts as what is used at an authorized shop, like the Apple Store.  These parts are sold to authorized repair shops, secondly, an authorized shop can resell these parts.  The second way to obtain parts is 3rd party suppliers or tested used parts.  Buyer beware some companies may claim their parts are Genuine when they are not.

OEM: These are parts that have the same parts or a percentage of same parts used in the repair.  However, without having a reliable and reputable supplier you cannot verify the quality.  We have can tell you stories of past customers who’ve purchased parts from eBay only to be disappointed with the quality.

3rd Party:  This is a term means someone not directly involved in a transaction.  3rd party parts are the cheapest and risky parts to use as they may contain little to no official parts, they are often found on eBay sold via China supplier.

If you have questions about the parts being used in your repair we encourage you to inquire, contact us!

18) I updated my Mac, iPad, or iPhone and now it is slower, what happened?

This can sometimes be the result of a pre-existing issue you that you may not be aware of. If your device is not under AppleCare please contact us for consultation. If your machine is under AppleCare, please contact Apple Support.

19) Do you repair Apple products that are covered by the AppleCare warranty?

We do not provide warranty support for Apple Inc. We are an independent local business and operate as a third party in accordance to Apple’s guidelines. Please see our disclaimer for more details. If you do require AppleCare support please contact Apple Support.

20) Give me the worst-case scenario – What happens if you break my device?

Let’s be honest, anytime someone is disassembling your phone or tablet, things can go wrong. Compared to the industry standard, we have a very, very low rate of issues. After a repair, there can be issues, if there are any problems after a repair that weren’t there before the repair, we’ll take responsibility and correct the problem as best as possible. We’ll take care of you, pure and simple. Sometimes the Touch-ID may experience issues after a screen replacement or software update.


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