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Bridging the gap between people and technology
About Mountain
Mac Solutions

Through the passion for technology and the excitement to share with others Mountain Mac Solutions was born.

We feel it is important that key services remain available here in the Kootenays and the quality of those services not be compromised.

Mountain Mac Solutions provides an array of services targeted for small businesses and home use of computer and personal devices. If you find your needs are not conveyed on our website please do enquire as we may still be able to help you.


To provide efficient and reliable services that enable individuals and small businesses to obtain cost effective and fast support.

  • Create lasting customer relationships
  • Personalize attention to needs
  • Takes pride in quality work
  • Holistic approach to problems
  • Honest in all transactions & dealings
  • Empower users with knowledge
  • Help to simplify technology
  • Eco-conscious, environmentally aware
Johnathan "Jono' Heckbert
Johnathan 'Jono' Heckbert
Owner / Technician
Owner of Mountain Mac Solutions, Technical Service Wizard, Customer Experience Guru, Web Design Specialist

Johnathan Heckbert is the owner and technician of Mountain Mac Solutions. Being a guru in the customer experience, Jono to some, he provides an entertaining approach to technology repair. Using his technical service wizardry to provide home and small business technology support; with an attention to detail, he works with the customer to find the best solution, with fix it right & the first time approach. Johnathan realizes that we all know different things, he can’t garden, but he can fix your computer, phone, and game console. A person who is willing to work-trade for potatoes this Prince Edward Islander proudly calls Nelson, BC home.

His in-depth knowledge of technology is not limited to the Apple brand. Spending his earlier years as a Microsoft Windows and Android user, he would later dive head-first into the Apple eco-system. “I am not concerned with what people use, as long as it meets their needs and makes their life easier. Windows, Apple, Google OS, Android, Linux, it makes no difference to me what someone uses, as long as they are happy with it. I can fix a wide variety of technical issues.” Johnathan is an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician & Apple Certified iOS Technician. It is true that he did work with IBM for a couple of years, where he received multiple awards for customer service; he’s always had a love for the Mac. When he was working at Digerati Computing, which was an Apple authorized service provider; he obtained his certification before the business was closed down in May of 2015. His passion for helping people with technology never diminished, he’s happy to help others learn about their device or software.

Jono attended Northern Alberta Institute of Technology where he studied Computer Systems Technology. The diploma focused on the studied of database management, networking, organizational behaviour, system analysis, and programming. However, he would be advised in this 3rd semester to leave and start his own business. After discussions with multiple teachers, he would leave school in his last semester to start-up a multi-media Co-op. Jono has previous experience with another start-up in is early adulthood. He continues to assist other sole-proprietor business owners navigating setting up their companies for success, including designing and maintaining their website.

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