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We repair hardware issues with Macs, Notebooks, Desktops, iPhones, Smart Phones, iPads, Tablets and more. We also fix software issue with MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android devices. Please enquire if you have any further questions about our repair service.
Process of retrieving inaccessible, damaged, corrupted or lost information. Most common data recovery scenarios involve operating system failure, malfunction of a storage device and accidental damage or deletion. Mountain Mac Solutions can also help to create a backup plan that works for your home and small business to prevent the need for future data recovery.
Computer networks support a number of services such as access to the internet, shared use of applications, printers, email and many others. With an understanding in both Windows and Mac, Mountain Mac Solutions aims to provide a simple solution for your home and small business networking needs.
Malware is a term for malicious software. Malware is not just a Windows thing, Macs can be affected too. We posses the knowledge to deal with a wide variety of malware including; adware, browser hi-jacking, viruses, and others.
We understand the world of home and small business technology is always changing. Mountain Mac Solutions can advise the best solution for your specific needs and help to eliminate any questions or frustrations. We are able to consult on networking solutions to computer needs and more.
We love to teach and share our passion for technology. We do believe Apple provides an overall better user experience but our training is not exclusive to their products. Home / On-site training can be arranged, please enquire for further information about computer and device training with Mountain Mac Solutions.
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